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Preventive Examination Packages

Affidea’s complete packages of preventive examinations are offered at special prices and are carried out without doctor’s referral. For more information and to make an appointment, please contact the center that is convenient for you by phone or e-mail or through the online application on our website.


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About Affidea

Affidea is the largest provider of diagnostic imaging, outpatient, and radiotherapy services in Europe, operating through a network of 280 health units in 15 countries. Through our ever-growing network, we ensure that our patients receive appropriate and personalized care by qualified and experienced medical staff. The Scientific Advisory Council of Affidea is composed of renowned doctors from Europe. Our internationally recognized medical units, the extensive geographical coverage and the quality of care provided, make us the most reliable provider of Primary Health Care services in the assistance of private insurance companies, patients and doctors.

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The most award-winning provider of advanced diagnostic imaging

The “Dose Excellence” program of Affidea, received special recognition in the “EuroSafe Imaging Wall of Stars”, an initiative of the European Society of Radiology, to promote quality and safety in terms of radiation protection in medical imaging.